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For professionals, the 19 models are available in many sizes, from can (33cl) to Jeroboam (3L).
These items are intended for professionals only. For a promotionnel purposes or for it refresh fonctions, particularly in restaurant industries.
Not for resale to individuals.
Printing in our French workshop from 300 pieces, check the page customization.
Find our best-seller page 27 of the catalogue ISSUU réf 17021.



To can size (33cl) from Jéroboam size (3L)

For more than 12 years, the Ice.bag® models are declined in various sizes and thicknesses to satisfy all the needs of the professional public.
Now available 3 designs: the historic/classic form (with handles tube), the Square one (square form, cut handles), and the Vask size (trapeze form, cute handles).
For professional users only (bonus, bound offers, goodies and the business present). Forbidden for resale in unit to individuals.
Retailers, contact us for more informations about our purchasing terms


A large range of ice buckets
for professionals


The transparent ice bucket
with a purified design


The trapezoidal ice bucket,
to refresh the bottles on the table

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Designed & Engineered in France – SAY « NO » TO COUNTERFIT! – Make sure the product bought is the original !
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