Get your own personalized Ice.bag® ice bucket thanks to our custom-made service. Our France-based workshops handcrafts custom ice bucket with your logo and your colors. We offer multiple options to customize your wine bag : format, handles, printing… We made various designs of wine bucket Ice.bag® adapted to the visual identity of your company.

Realization in the main manufacturing unit
Support Printable on 100% of the surface
18 sizes availables
18 PVC colors
Print :
  • Serigraphy
  • Hot Stamping
  • Plast Stamp
  • Digital
  • Fluorescent and UV inks
Classic (1 bottle) : 2500 pieces min

King-size (1 magnum) : 1200 pieces min

Delay 7 to 10 weeks
Indicative prices Classic (1 bottle) : From 1.30 €

King-size (1 magnum): From 2.20€

Realization in our French workshop


Printable on a limited area
Classic (tubes handles) : 5 formats – 10 references

Square (die cut handles) :2 formats – 4 references

4 PVC colors available
Print : Serigraphy with 13 standard inks
240 pieces min
Delay 3 to 4 weeks
Indicative prices From 1.80€/ unité

    Based on our wide range of wine buckets and designs that we develop over the years, we offer you a considerable number of solutions to create your own product with your logo and with a quality assurance guarantee

    Use your personal creativity inspired by following ideas to realize your own advertising thanks to the Original reusable and multi-task ice bucket.
    With about twenty colors of opaque or transparent material, different types of handles like “half-moon” or classic tubes handles, even with rope handles associated with the Yachting model, luxurious finishes…

    Printing in screen-printing of 300 pieces. Classic, fluorescent, phosphorescent ink, visible ink in dark with a UV lamp.
    Digital printing from your pictures and images, our team will be there to help you manage your project.
    All our custom ice buckets are guaranteed a year and tested for long and intensive professional use.
    You make our success for so many years. We thank you for trusting our French company and this, despite of all the mediocre and dangerous copies who swarm the market.


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Ice.bag®, is the light, supple, esthetic and customizable bottle cooler. Best-seller selling over one million units all over the world, Ice.bag® is recognized for its quality and refined design. From the can to the Jeroboam, each bottle will find its model and ideal format among the two main designs of the brand: the Classic and the Square. Available in different colors, it offers many possibilities of customization. Registered models and trademark in Europe and USA.

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