Personalized wine bucket: The original Ice bag concept

Gimex Interntational is the company behind the design of the original, personalized wine bucket, the Ice bag. The new concept of customizable, flexible, wine cooler is an attractive, light, foldable bag which can transport your champagnes and wines, be used for displaying your bottles and as an ice bucket. The PVC–based design is available in models for one to four bottles, in a choice of dimensions and styles for a perfect fit for different bottle forms and shapes.

Gimex International offers over 40 standard models of Ice bag ready for customization with company logo, new marketing slogan, colour themes, VIP or gift promotions and also provides a made-to-measure Ice Bag, working with your marketing team to create the ideal personalized wine bucket. A clever and handy wine bag and cooler but also a powerful sales tool for your business, Gimex International designs, produces and delivers your Ice bags, providing a complete service from concept to reception point.

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