Inspired from the nautical world, this model picks and features some technical elements of yachting. Its trapezoidal shape and its suction pads ensure great stability. It plays with sailing codes with its transparent window and its sliding stopper allowing to close bucket in case of storm!

REF. 17018


    This model of Ice.bag® was specially conceived to adapt to boat trips and sea transportation.

    From the Prestige collection, this model of trapezoidal shape is also equipped with 4 suction pads, which stick to the boat’s table and provides perfect stability, a transparent porthole and slip knots which help to close the top and hang the Ice.bag®.

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Ice.bag®, is the light, supple, esthetic and customizable bottle cooler. Best-seller selling over one million units all over the world, Ice.bag® is recognized for its quality and refined design. From the can to the Jeroboam, each bottle will find its model and ideal format among the two main designs of the brand: the Classic and the Square. Available in different colors, it offers many possibilities of customization. Registered models and trademark in Europe and USA.

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