Born from the stroke of a pen on a table, with a simple and pure design, Ice.bag® is now solicitated from professionals and private individuals, and sold by millions of units worldwide. Mobile and economical, it is constantly reinventing itself with the trends and seasons.

  • The company

    Ice.bag® is a brand of Gimex International, original creator and manufacturer. After 30 years of experience, we learnt that succes comes by listening to the evolution of the consumption modes, combined with creativity and perseverance. ISO9001 certified since 2008, the company keeps on developing products in a competitive sector, mixing search for performance and respect for the environment.

    Thanks to its expertise in packaging, the designer imagines a new product allowing to originally showcase, cool and carry all bottles.

    From this vision comes out a pure sharp shape, decorated with two emblematic tubular handles. We are in 2006, the Ice.bag® cooler is born!

    Reusable and durable, Ice.bag® signs the end of the single use bag.

    In 2008, to push creativity even further, a design team participates to the development of the first collection for private clients, fans of the products.

    Best-seller selling over millions units all over the world, Ice.bag® is recognized on the market as the leader of the bottle coolers, particularly for the catering business.

    Ice.bag® is also used as a promotional and advertising object, leading us to develop different customization offers, with different solutions such as made-to-measure manufacturing or printing.

  • The product

    Innovative concept of supple packaging in PVC, the Ice.bag® bucket bag is ideal to carry, promote and cool all champagne and wine bottles.

    Light and foldable, this is a practical and nomad object that immediately cools your bottles.

    Reusable, it’s affordable and durable.

    A controlled conception and manufacturing processes continuously improved ensure solidity, watertightness and durability.

    Available in different formats, from the can to the jéroboam and in more than 14 colors, Ice.bag® is always on trend after 15 years. Beyond its initial functionality, its aesthetic provided access to the tableware universe.

    The Ice.bag® cooler can be designed according to your specifications and image, thanks to our made-to-measure service. It becomes a promotional or communication item for your events.


    Recommendations for use

    • Place the Ice.bag® cooler on a water resistance surface in order to avoid condensation outside of the product.
    • Maximum resistance 3kgs (for the 1 bottle format)
    • Keep at ambient temperature. Can be damaged if it is open and used after being kept at low temperature (less than 5°C) or at high heat (+35°C).


    This cooler bag is not aimed at:

    • Holding food products
    • Being put at microwave, freezer or dishwasher
    • Being put in contact with any flame, heat source or sparks


    Care instructions

    • Clean the product by hand, with clear water, possibly with washing-up liquid and a soft cloth. Do not use corrosive detergent or abrasive sponge
    • WARNING: frequency of use can impact the lifetime of the product
    • For an intensive and frequent use (hospitality, catering…), we recommend models with a thickness of 0.5mm
  • Expertise

    Since its creation, Ice.bag® is produced in one single manufacturing site, which is expert in processing PVC, with which we keep on searching new techniques and solutions enabling the continuity and the evolution of the product.

    Made with phthalat free PVC, with a thickness of 0.3 to 0.7 mm according to the different uses, it was studied to guarantee resistance, watertightness and durability.

    Square, rectangular, trapezoidal, with cut, tubular or nylon handles, clear, shiny or matt, in diverse finishings, Ice.bag® keeps on evolving to fit every need.

    The expertise in manufacturing the products made it possible to adapt different printing techniques (such as serigraphy, hot-stamping, digital) and types of inks (UV-ink or phosphorescent) to develop made-to-measure service.

    Our production is extensively tested and controlled to guarantee quality, the Ice.bag® cooler are meant to be used sustainably.

  • Recylcing

    The materials used to manufacture the Ice.bag® coolers are sustainable: the product is meant to be used many times, limiting waste production. It is guaranteed for 1 year in intensive use when usage and storage instructions are followed.

    Ice bag® is designed to hold one or several bottles with water and ice cubes. It is not adapted to hold food in direct contact. For food packaging, please contact our sales department.
    The PVC waste collected is processed and recycled. The regenerative material is reused into multiple applications. Soft PVC is recycled as powder, and used as a filler to produce various types of floor coverings.

    This website lists the recyclers certified by RECOVINYL in France and in European countries http://www.recovinyl.com/recyclers. The product is considered as single-material since the polycarbonate and polypropylene percentages are minimal

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Ice.bag®, is the light, supple, esthetic and customizable bottle cooler. Best-seller selling over one million units all over the world, Ice.bag® is recognized for its quality and refined design. From the can to the Jeroboam, each bottle will find its model and ideal format among the two main designs of the brand: the Classic and the Square. Available in different colors, it offers many possibilities of customization. Registered models and trademark in Europe and USA.

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