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Born from the stroke of a pen on a table, with a simple and pure design, Ice.bag® is now solicitated from professionals and private individuals, and sold by millions of units worldwide. Mobile and economical, it is constantly reinventing itself with the trends and seasons.

  • The company

    Already more than 13 years ago, Samy Gattino, CEO of the company GIMEX INTERNATIONAL, specialized in packaging solutions, has had the simple idea to create a bag with a triple use.

    This bag will be able to promote, transport and refresh wines and champagnes! This real wine cooler reusable and sustainable, economic in water ans ice cubes, really light and cheap ends with the single-use bag!

    In 2008, after convincing his professional customers and thanks to the restaurateurs, Ice.bag® launches the first collection « General Public » after spending 18 months to create with our designers’ team a complete range of different models (Classic, Tempo, VIP, City) and various handwritings for all the seasons and events (valentine’s day, birthdays…) in summer as in winter.

    Today, Ice.bag® is a really fun and festive solution in itself. True best-seller, it is sold by millions of units around the world because it stood out in the market as a very successful cooler really performing that professionals and private individuals adore. We still have real fans of the first time !

    In spite of the apparent simplicity of its design, the Ice.bag® is a high quality product which requires more than 40 different operations of production to ensure a resisting final product. We guarantee a resistant and qualitative product (1 year of guarantee)

    Ice.bag® is a brand of the company GIMEX INTERNATIONAL, which is its original conceirver and producer.
    More than 25 years of experience taught GIMEX INTERNATIONAL that a project succeed with a good follow up of the evolution of consumption rules, with creativity and persistence.
    GIMEX INTERNATIONAL is a real service based on a good knowledge of the various universes of the retail business from more than 20 years.
    ISO 9001 certified from 2008, the company GIMEX INTERNATIONAL keeps on developing its products and its civic business values in a competitive market, in order to marry performance and respect of environment and ecology.

  • The product

    -During its use, the external condensation of the product is normal and water droplets can appear. Thus, it is recommended to place the Ice bag® on a support which is water resistant.
    -The Ice bag® is resistant to maximum total weight of 4 Kg (single bottle products).
    As the product is made from PVC, store the Ice bag® at room temperature. If the Ice bag® is stored in low temperature (less than 5°C) the product could crack on opening. A solution is to wait until the product reaches room temperature or pour luke warm water on the product to make it flexible again.
    In high temperature (more than 35°C) the product is very soft.
    In the 2 above cases, the product can be damaged and we decline any liability.

    The Ice bag® products are not made for:
    -Containing food.
    -Being placed in microwave, freezer and dishwasher.
    -Being in contact with fire or any major heat sources.

    Other precautions for use:
    -Never introduce acid based chemical products, nor explosive objects.
    -Never throw the Ice bag® in nature.
    -Keep out of reach of children.

  • Expertise

    – All the products are made on our only site since the beginning

    – In each step of the manufacturing our products are controlled to confirm the optimum guarantee

    – PVC material without phthalate: thickness from 0.3 to 1 mm with 20 colors of materials in stock

    – 12 sizes available

    – Main forms: square, rectangular, trapezoid

    – Finish: cut handles, tube handles, cord handles

    – Printings: in screen-printing and digital

    – According to the deadlines and quantities, we print on our sites in France or in China

    – Our team based in France next to Paris is at your disposal to answer your questions and information requests

    – Our technical and commercial team also assist our distributors in France and abroad for the distribution of the standard products and the management of the custom-made projects

  • Manufacturing and composition

  • Recycling

    The materials used for manufacturing the Ice bag® champagne bucket bags are long-lasting ones: this product is intended to be used many times, meaning that it produces limited waste. It is guaranteed for 1 year, with intensive use, provided the usage and storage instructions are followed.
    Ice bag® is designed to contain one or more bottles with water and ice cubes. It has not been designed to contain food directly in contact with it. If you wish to obtain food packaging, please contact our sales department.
    The PVC waste collected is processed and recycled. The regenerated material is reused in many applications: The flexible PVC is recycled as powder, and used as a filler for producing various types of floor coverings.
    If you wish to discard your Ice bag® champagne bucket bags in an environmentally friendly way and in accordance with the regulations, you will find a list of recyclers accredited by RECOVINYL in France and in the other European countries on the website http://www.recovinyl.com/recyclers.

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Designed & Engineered in France – SAY « NO » TO COUNTERFIT! – Make sure the product bought is the original !
Ice.bag is a trademark of Gimex International and is protected by trademark, design ans models and unfair competition laws in many countries worldwide.
EU trademarks NO.6358221 and NO.8132554, International trademark NO.980685
EU reg. design NO.616 057 and NO. 1 718 081 – US reg.design NO.D/268.208, US industrial design patent NO.D0555008 and US utility patent NO.8.033 727
WARNING: Any copy of the texts photographs, intellectual property rights or artistic work without GIMEX’s prior consent in wrinting is strictly forbidden.

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