Ice.bag®, the nomad bottle cooler

From a pencil drawing on the corner of the table came out a pure sharp shape, decorated with two tubular handles: Ice.bag®. Initially aimed to the catering industry, wine professionals and events sector, Ice.bag® is available under many variations to meet all needs and for every occasion. Elaborated with reusable and durable PVC, it has grown to become the express cooler for all bottles of wine and champagne: coolness guaranteed in 15minutes! Light, small and nomad, it is easy to use and store. Modern and innovative, Ice.bag® rejuvenates the traditional vision of the ice bucket, putting itself as a decorative object.

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Ice.bag®, is the light, supple, esthetic and customizable bottle cooler. Best-seller selling over one million units all over the world, Ice.bag® is recognized for its quality and refined design. From the can to the Jeroboam, each bottle will find its model and ideal format among the two main designs of the brand: the Classic and the Square. Available in different colors, it offers many possibilities of customization. Registered models and trademark in Europe and USA.

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