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To cool your drink, first put your bottle in the Ice.Bag® , then pour cold water , and finally add ice cubes . In 15
, it will be perfectly fresh and ready to eat!

Do not place the Ice.bag® in the freezer, you risk
to weaken the PVC, making it brittle… It is therefore both
unnecessary and strongly discouraged.

To lower the temperature of a bottle from 20° to 11°C, you must leave it in the refrigerator for 3 hours OR only 15 to 20 minutes in an Ice bag®
(depending on the ambient temperature and the number of ice cubes used).

Ice.bag® Classic models can hold all bottles from 0.5 to 1 liter .

The materials used for the manufacture of Ice.bag® coolers are
durable : the product is intended to be used many times, thus limiting
waste production.
It is guaranteed for one year in intensive use if the instructions for use and
storage indicated on the instructions are respected.

The material used to make an Ice.bag® is PVC, which has the property of becoming hard at low temperatures. This is what allows this flexible product to stand upright and have the function of a bottle seal and to be able to put water, ice and one or more bottles in it without the product sagging. the weight and the products inside.

In addition, the product is light and becomes soft and flexible at room temperature, which allows it to be folded and stored.


For a custom creation of an Ice.bag®, the minimum order is 2,500 pieces .
If you only want to put your logo on an Ice.bag®, this
can be made in our workshop in France from 240 pieces .

We need to clarify:
- The end use of your personalized Ice.bag® (intensive use for restaurateurs or occasional use for communication operations).
- The desired model and quantity ! As a reminder, the minimum for a customization order is 240 pieces.
- The number of colors to print and the corresponding Pantone(s) .
Finally, you must send us your logo in AI or vectorized PDF format.

No. Ice.bag® from the PRO Collection are reserved for users
and are not intended for resale