Sold in millions of units around the world, the Ice.bag® cooler has become the leader in bottle coolers on the market. Wine and catering professionals adopted Ice.bag® a long time ago thanks to its aesthetics and simplicity of use. It is also an original communication tool  appreciated by event professionals.


  • History
Ice.bag® is a trademark of Gimex International, both the original designer and the manufacturer.

In 1999, GIMEX, a packaging specialist, innovated by creating the first natural kraft bottle bags with transparent windows.

Over time, the idea of ​​a new product able to showcase, cool and transport the bottles emerged.

We are in 2006, the Ice.bag® cooler is born!

Reusable and durable, Ice.bag® announces the end of the single-use bag.

In 2008, to push the creativity even further, a team of designers participated in the development of the first collection for individuals, fans of the product. More than 30 versions are created!

In 2018, in collaboration with the famous Paris Saint Germain football club, the ice bucket and its cooling accessories proudly wear the colors of the club. 

In 2019, new MAT White, Black, Gold and Silver colors bring a touch of chic to the existing range, and a new model, the Square, with its sharp design, complete the offer.

Ice.bag® is also a strong communication tool thanks to our personalization service, offering different printing or tailor-made manufacturing solutions.


    • The product

    The Ice.bag® bottle bucket is made of PVC. The characteristics of this material allow to get a resistant, waterproof, flexible and light product.

    Design control and continuous improvement of manufacturing processes guarantee quality and durability.

    Reusable, it is an affordable product that is long-lasting.

    From can to Jeroboam, 11 formats and 14 standard colors are available, each bottle has its own!

    Restaurateurs, wine shop managers, wine producers, event professionals or any other business field: you can personalize Ice.bag® thanks to our tailor-made manufacturing service.

    Choose from the variety of colors, materials and new printing systems: screen printing, digital, phosphorescent inks… Everything is possible!


    Recommendation for use:

    • Put the Ice.bag® cooler on a water resistant surface in order to avoid condensation on the outside of the product.
    • Maximum resistance: 3kg for the 1-bottle model.
    • Store at room temperature. It may be damaged if opened and used after storage at a temperature below 5°C or above 35°C.
    • Not suitable for food contact.
    • Do not put in microwave, freezer or dishwasher.
    • For frequent and intensive use (hotels, restaurants, etc.), we recommend a 0.5mm thick PVC model.


    Care instructions:

    Clean the product by hand, with clear water, possibly with washing-up liquid and a soft cloth. Do not use corrosive detergent or abrasive sponge.



      • Expertise

      Since its creation, Ice.bag® has been manufactured on a single production site, expert in PVC processing, where keep trying new techniques and solutions to ensure the product's longevity and its evolution.

      The product has been designed to guarantee resistance and waterproofing and is made from phthalate-free PVC. Different thicknesses of PVC are available according to the final use of the product (from 0.3 to 0.7 mm thick).

      Numerous tests and reports are made in order to guarantee a qualitative product, as our cooler bags are designed for long-term use.

      Square, rectangular or trapezoidal, with cut-out handles, tubes or cords, and lots of finishings (transparent, matte or glossy), Ice.bag® continues to develop and adapt to every need.

      The control of manufacturing has enabled to adapt different printing techniques such as screen printing, hot foil, digital, and several types of inks such as UV or phosphorescent, to develop personalization.

      The materials used for manufacturing the Ice.bag® coolers are durable: this product is intended to be used many times, in order minimize waste production.
      It is guaranteed for 1 year in intensive use if the usage and storage instructions
      are followed.
      The color of PVC can vary over time and/or if the product is in contact with hard water, without affecting its resistance and its sealing. The product can still be reused for many years.
      Ice.bag® is designed to hold one or more bottles with water and ice cubes. It Is not suitable for food contact. For food packaging, please contact our sales department.
      The product has a long-life use and reuse. At the end of life, put it in the garbage.